• auto slitter

    Auto Slitter

    Our fully Automated Slitter significantly increases throughput and productivity. This system eliminates the need to “pack the arbors”. In addition, since it is computer controlled it also eliminates operator error. Simply input the width of each cut (up to 10) and the Slitter does the rest. The unit is particularly well suited for Slitting and Multi-Blanking Lines where frequent set ups are common. Click here for “Auto Slitting System” video
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  • Dual Helical Scrap Choppers

    Dual Helical Scrap Choppers

    Red Bud Industries offers Dual Helical Scrap Choppers. These Rotary Scrap Choppers are only offered on full Red Bud Industries Lines, and are backed by our exclusive, industry leading, 5 year warranty. The Scrap Choppers are a dual helical design which utilize a scissor type cutting action. This allows the Scrap Choppers to operate quieter with a more controlled and smooth cutting action. With our Dual Helical Scrap Choppers, both knives are attached to a set of rotating drums which […]
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  • Automatic Coil Loading System

    Red Bud Industries Offers Automatic Coil Loading System

    Red Bud Industries offers a fully automated Coil Prestage & Load System for their Heavy Gage Coil Processing Lines. This system automatically advances prestaged coils and loads them onto a Dual Stub Uncoiler. The advanced system is comprised of an in-line Coil Prestaging System, integrated Coil Car, and Dual Stub Uncoiler. These components operate in concert to eliminate the need for operator attention or intervention when loading coils. With the push of one button, the Coil Prestage & Load System’s […]
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  • Heavy Gage Edge Trim

    Red Bud Offers New Heavy Gage Edge Trim System

    Red Bud Industries has expanded its offering of Edge Trim Systems to include material up to 1/2″ (12.7 mm) in thickness. The Heavy Gage System can take up to 2″ (51 mm) per side from coils at that maximum thickness. The system includes push button motorized horizontal clearance and penetration adjustments. The exclusive “floating head” design tracks the strip as it is being trimmed. The heads will automatically adjust for cambered material to produce optimum width tolerances. Side guides automatically […]
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  • Rotating Brush Dust Collection System

    Red Bud Industries Offers a Rotating Brush Dust Collection System

    Red Bud Industries offers a Rotating Brush Dust Collection System. In the past, many companies have offered a variety of vacuum systems to remove both scale and hot roll dust from the surface of the strip as it is processed in a Coil Line. These basic vacuum systems relied on the power of the vacuum alone to remove the dust and debris from the material. However, after vacuuming, a significant amount of scale and dust remained on the surface of […]
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  • Dual Mandrel Turret Recoiler

    Red Bud Offers Dual Mandrel Turret Recoiler

    Red Bud Industries offers a Dual Mandrel Turret Recoiler for use in their Coil-To-Coil Slitting Lines. Known for building high capacity process lines that set up and changeover quickly, the Dual Mandrel Turret Recoiler was the next logical improvement to their existing product line. By incorporating two complete mandrels, overarms, and coil pushers on a single swivel base, end users can rotate the Recoiler and restart the line quickly. The previously slit coils are then removed and conveyed to a […]
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  • Precision Straightener

    Red Bud’s “Pop Top” Precision Straightener Handles 1/2″

    Red Bud Industries expands the capacity of its heavy gage line of equipment by offering a 1/2″ precision backed up Straightener with the unique “pop top” design. This feature allows access to the Straightener work rolls in addition to the work roll back ups. This design is especially well suited to processing hot rolled material where the build up of dust and debris is inherent in the material type. The new Straightener is capable of processing strip up to 1/2″ […]
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