Medium Gage Cut-To-Length / Blanking Lines

Medium Gage Cut To Length Lines and Blanking Lines

Red Bud Industries pioneered the first true .375″ (9.5 mm) Close Tolerance Blanking Line. For years, the ability to hold close tolerances was never an issue. With the increasing need for close tolerance heavier gage material, the ability to produce precision heavier gage blanks has become an industry priority. Our HG Model Servo Hydraulic Grip and Roll Feed Systems allows the line to run material up to .375″ (9.5 mm) in a deep loop. By running in this mode, our Heavier Gage Cut-To-Length / Blanking Lines produce unsurpassed length and width tolerances. Our Shears also produce an optimum cut with minimal Shear induced stress. A unique variable rake feature allows the rake of the blade to be adjusted for different material thicknesses. In addition, the Shear angle can be easily adjusted to improve the squareness tolerance of the finished parts.

Our In-Line Stretcher Leveler with SUREGRIP® technology can also be incorporated into our Cut-To-Length / Blanking Lines to produce panel flat stress reduced blanks.

The SUREGRIP trademark is registered with the US Patent and Trademark office.