Stretcher Levelers

Stretcher Levelers

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Red Bud Industries has been building Stretcher Levelers since 1986. With over 40 Stretchers sold worldwide, Red Bud Industries has earned a reputation as a leader in the design and production of stretcher leveling technology.

Red Bud Industries offers Stretcher Levellers rated at material thicknesses up to 1.00″ (25 mm) at widths up to 96″ (2438 mm).

The Stretcher Leveler stretches the material sufficiently to exceed the yield point in all the fibers of the strip from top to bottom and from edge to edge thus equalizing internal trapped stresses throughout the material. A Temper Mill elongates the strip 1½ or 2%, while a Stretcher completes its work with usually only .3 to .5% elongation. As a result, Stretchers have very little impact on the metallurgical properties of the material. In addition, the Stretcher Leveler will produce the ultimate in flatness, effectively removing edge wave and center buckle from the material. Our SUREGRIP® technology guarantees there will be no slippage of the material while stretching, no matter the thickness or whether the material is oily or dry.

Stretch Levelling produces flat material that stays flat even after laser cutting, notching, punching, or subsequent shearing operations. In addition, our systems have a lower initial purchase price as well as a lower maintenance cost than Cut-To-Length Lines utilizing Temper Mills. Besides providing “dead” flat blanks for use in critical cutting and welding applications, the Stretcher Leveler can be used to efficiently reclaim secondary material and convert it to prime.

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