Advanced Manufacturing for Superior Quality

The Red Bud Difference

As the premier coil processing “one stop shop” in the industry, Red Bud Industries prides itself on standing behind the equipment it produces. Consequently, Red Bud Industries must be much more than a design company that simply assembles equipment. To the contrary, we are a manufacturer in every sense of the word. Short of purchased parts such as bearings, cylinders, and hydraulic and electrical components, Red Bud Industries manufactures approximately 96% of all the parts, assemblies, and machines that leave its door. From mandrels to machining, we do it all. For this transformation of raw materials to cutting-edge first class equipment to occur, we have strategically invested in equipment that gives us the ability to produce quality parts and yet flexible enough to meet the requirements of our design team and preferences of our customers. Our almost 200,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility is comprised of 9 CNC mills, 10 CNC lathes, automated material and tooling storage systems, CNC laser, CNC plasma table, multiple presses, high production saws, a paint booth that includes an automated baking system, cylindrical grinders, 12 welding stations, and cranes capable of lifting more than 180,000 lb. at a time. As the manufacturing environment has trended toward customization from standardization, it has been a focal point for Red Bud Industries to be able to handle any challenge thrown its way.

Regardless of what is being made, today it’s a common practice to job out or outsource the manufacturing of products to other companies in the United States or overseas. Consequently, one might say that the production of our own parts does not align with industry norms. However, Red Bud Industries feels that it gains a distinct advantage over our competition because of our in-house production capabilities. Producing parts in-house results in shorter lead times, which in turn allows us to service our customers more quickly than anyone else in the industry. Red Bud Industries is also able to maintain tighter control of quality, which has led to less manufacturing errors and higher levels of accuracy and repeatability. With our advanced manufacturing capabilities, we are also confident that our production capabilities can match our designs. In addition, it allows design improvements to be put in place instantaneously. Our manufacturing and design experience, along with advanced 3D modeling and drafting software, allows us to analyze functionality of each part and make any improvements as needed. Rather than wasting time communicating these changes to a sub-contractor, our upgrades happen in the time it takes our drafting department to deliver new prints to the shop floor. As good as our equipment and capabilities are, our greatest asset is our people. They have the certifications and qualifications necessary to utilize the advanced capabilities needed to produce the products our customers have come to expect. Our people take personal ownership in every part they produce and in every weld they make. While the production of our own parts adds complexity to the process and is an added responsibility, we feel that it is necessary to provide you the best Coil Processing Equipment available.

Our model of manufacturing may be unconventional, but we feel that it is the best way to create the most value for our customers. From mind to metal, we oversee every step of the manufacturing process. In addition, we pre-pipe and pre-wire our equipment so it can be set up and tested in its entirety before leaving our facility. This assures the fastest and least costly installations in the industry. When you purchase Red Bud Industries’ Coil Processing Equipment, you are guaranteed to receive a product that has been made with great pride every step of the way.

To view our plant in operation, view the video above.

Heavy Duty Combination Machine For Precision Plasma Or Flame Cutting

Heavy duty combination machine for machining operations and precision plasma or flame cutting. This enables parts to be finished in one set up with no jigging or work holding devices necessary.

Horizontal Machining Centers

Three tandem horizontal machining centers, integrated with automated tool and pallet transport, provides fast, efficient, and versatile machining of a wide variety of materials from steels to nonferrous metals.

Double Pallet Machining Center

Double-pallet machining center is designed to provide unsurpassed productivity in the machining of very large work pieces-thanks to its spindle head that can be vertical or horizontal.

Horizontal Boring Mill

Rigid horizontal boring mill with a machining window of 15′ x 30′ and capable of milling weldments or large castings in excess of 180,000 lb. while maintaining tolerances within .005″.

High Torque Heavy Duty Big Bore Turning Center

A powerful, high torque, heavy-duty, big-bore turning center for large part turning applications complemented by a separate milling head, forming by far the most advanced multi-tasking machine in the industry.