Conklin Metal Industries

For 140 years, Conklin Metal Industries has been a market leader in the supply of sheet metal, HVAC, and duct fabrication supplies for their customer base in the Southeastern United States. In 2017, Conklin Metal Industries knew it was time to improve their service and reliability in their steel processing by purchasing a new Cut-To-Length Line. After looking at several equipment manufacturers, Conklin Metal ultimately turned to Red Bud Industries. Safety, reliability, ease of use, and the vendor relationship were all key factors in the decision-making process. Smith Cooley, Vice President of Operations at Conklin Metal Industries, states, “We began our search and found that Red Bud Industries really checked all the boxes.”

Conklin Metal Industries’ new Cut-To-Length Line integrates several features not typically found in traditional Cut-To-Length Lines. A Recoiler for coil breakdowns, Beading Equipment for in-line beading, and a Continuous Drop Stacker are a few valuable components that were added to the line to better help Conklin Metal service their customer base. “It’s really helped us access new markets and is beginning to help us grow new business,” Cooley explains.

The new line is backed by the best warranty, service, and support in the industry. No matter the day or time, Red Bud Industries is there to help Conklin Metal. Smith says, “Red Bud’s service and support have been critical for Conklin. . . . We know that we can guarantee uptime because we have 24 hour, 7 days a week service. . . . In the end, it’s our relationship with Red Bud Industries that means the most to us.”