Slitting Lines for Gutter Coil Stock

Automated Light Gauge Slitting Lines for the Gutter and Building Trim Industry

Smaller, custom-sized coils of painted material are indispensable to the Gutter and Building Trim Industry. To stay competitive, producers of these coils require a Slitting Line that can produce small coils quickly with minimal personnel requirements. The key to achieving these goals is automation.

Red Bud Industries Light Gauge Slitting Lines incorporate advanced automation specifically designed to address the need to slit and breakdown master coils into gutter and trim production ready coils. Once a coil is initially thread and the line started, it will run at speeds up to 1000 FPM until a predetermined coil weight is reached. When this occurs, the line stops, the strips are cropped, and the coils are automatically removed from the Recoiler. Once the coils are clear of the mandrel, the strips are automatically rethread into the Recoiler gripper slot and the line automatically restarts to produce the next series of coils. Cycle times between one group of 350 lb coils to the next can be as little as two and a half minutes. Other than initially threading the master coil, once in operation, the line runs automatically, unaided by an operator. This is automation and production at a whole new level.

We also offer a number of different types of Slitting Heads. Our Slide and Lock unit is an economical, yet effective, method for slitting your material. For companies that do a lot of short runs which require quick Slitter Head set up and changeover, we offer our Semi-Automatic CNC Programmable Head. With this unit, each knife set can be positioned and ready to go in as little as two minutes or less. The knives automatically lock into place with the push of a button. We also offer traditional Packed Arbor Slitting Heads that can be set up offline. They can be equipped with a Head Exchange System that allows multiple Heads to be quickly exchanged with one another.

These compact, floor-mounted systems come prepiped/prewired for quick installation and maintenance, and they include extensive guarding. They are the industry’s only Light Gauge Slitters backed by a 5 Year Warranty and “24/7” Service.

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