Multi-Blanking Lines

The World Leader in Multi-Blanking Line Technology

Red Bud Industries is the leader in high speed Multi-Cut Blanking Line technology. Whether you are producing pattern size sheets or multi-cut blanking close tolerance parts, a Red Bud Industries Multi-Cut Blanking Line will be up and running quickly.

The Red Bud Multi-Cut Blanking Line Slitting Head is another example of cutting edge technology at work. Our CNC Programmable Slitter makes quick set up and phenomenal multi-cut blanking tolerances a reality. A major emphasis is put on reducing set up time. By entering the width of each strip, our exclusive Slitter set up program automatically calculates the position of each Slitter knife. A computer controlled digital positioning system automatically moves to the position of each cut. The operator simply slides the knives in place. As the knives are positioned, the horizontal clearance between the top and bottom knives is set automatically. Stripper heights are automatically set as well. The Slitter also features our “quick lock” Automatic Knife Locking System. With the push of a button, the knives are quickly locked into place. When coupled with our Servo Hydraulic Grip or Roll Feed System, our system can produce blanks with length and width tolerances as close as ±.005″ (.127 mm).

Our Shear mounted combination Drop/Air/Strip Stacker eliminates the need for a Conveyor after the Shear. It also features automatically locking dividers. Our unique Slit Stack Separator automatically separates and sorts stacks for easy packaging and removal when multi-cut blanking. The Part Sorter and Pivot Mount Shelf can be integrated to convey parts directly onto a Measuring Table where they can be inspected and checked for length, width, and squareness tolerances. The Sorter can also be used to convey scrap material or parts directly into a customer supplied scrap bin. An Automatic Pallet Loading System can be used to load and position multiple skids with the push of a button. This system allows full stacks to be removed and empty pallets to be loaded quickly.