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A Coil Packaging Line is an essential part of any slitting operation. You can have an efficient High Speed Slitter only to have it set idle while the coils are banded and removed. A well-designed Banding Line gives you the ability to band, sort, and store coils efficiently. However, it is important that the line has the speed and capabilities required to match the output of your particular Slitter. Red Bud Industries offers a number of different Banding Line options. While these systems share a number of interchangeable parts, there are three basic equipment designs from which you can choose and build. Coil Packaging Equipment is the perfect complement to a highly productive Slitting Line.

Advanced Packaging Lines

Advanced Packaging Lines are for higher volume applications where high throughput is essential to keeping the Slitter running optimally. These advanced systems take the automation offered in the Basic and Intermediate Lines and expands upon them. As is the case with the Basic and Intermediate Systems, the Advanced System includes an Automated Pick and Place Downlayer, Entry Storage Conveyors, a Weighing Conveyor, and Semi-Automatic Banding Station. Fully-Automatic Banding Stations are also available. From there, an automatic crane is used to transport the slit coils to an Automatic Sortation Table. The Sortation Table allows different slit widths to be sorted and stacked in up to eight positions (depending on the model). Once stacked, the skid is pushed onto a Storage Conveyor where it can be weighed and then removed prior to shipping. A Powered Rotation Table is also available. The Wrapping Station allows stacks to be easily stretch wrapped for added protection during shipping.

Intermediate Packaging Lines

As with the Basic Line, an Automated Pick and Place Downlayer automatically removes the slit mults from the Exit Turnstile and places them on a Coil Storage Conveyer. Once on the Conveyor, the individual coils can be weighed and then sent to the Banding Station. A Semi-Automatic Banding Station is then used to band the coils. Fully-Automatic Banders are also available. Once banded, an automatic crane picks up the coil and transports it to one of multiple storage positions. With this system, not only is this configuration more efficient, personnel requirements are also reduced as the crane automatically removes and stacks the coils onto skids.

Basic Packaging Lines

Even our most basic systems come equipped with features typically only found on a more high-end Banding Line. As opposed to using a Pusher to remove coils from the Recoiler, we use a Coil Car to transfer coils from the Recoiler to the Turnstile. From there, we include an Automated Pick and Place Downlayer. This unit automatically removes the slit mults from the Exit Turnstile, tips them 90 degrees, and places them on a Coil Storage Conveyor. This helps to prevent the inside coil wraps of light gauge material from being pulled out. Once on the Conveyor, the individual coils can be weighed (optional) and then sent to the Banding Station. Our basic system also typically incorporates a Semi-Automatic Banding Station. After the mults are banded, a manually operated monorail type crane with I.D. grab is used to transfer the coils to a skid. The skids can be placed either on the floor or on a table where a fork truck can easily access the pallets and transfers them to the desired location.

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