Cutting Edge Material Handling Technology

Automated Material Handling Systems

Red Bud Industries offers Automated Cranes for master coil storage and retrieval, as well as Automated Slit Coil Storage Systems and Sheet Metal Storage Systems. These systems will reduce your labor cost, create a safer working environment, and also significantly reduce the footprint of your building.

Automated Cranes

Our auto crane will take incoming master coils and place them into a dedicated, autonomously controlled storage area. Prior to a coil being processed, the crane will automatically retrieve the coil and bring it to the designated line or holding area. When the crane is not being used to store or retrieve coils, it automatically rearranges inventory for optimum coil placement and efficiency.

Finished Goods Storage & Retrieval

Whether you are looking at a new facility or you just want to improve an existing site, we can work with you to lay out the most efficient Automated Storage and Retrieval System for your Slitting and Blanking applications.

Our systems allow you to store slit coils, cut sheets, or blanks in an automated storage unit. When it’s time to ship, the system will retrieve the items and deliver them to a designated location. Scaled drawings can be provided to give you a clear vision of how the operation will look and function.

Your new Automated Storage and Retrieval System can be integrated with Red Bud Industries’ Coil Processing Equipment whereas the finished goods can be automatically loaded into the system directly from the Slitter or Cut-to-Length line. As a result, manpower is further reduced while allowing for better scheduling and improved productivity. Integrating an Automatic Material Handling System with state-of-the-art Coil Processing Equipment can truly create a facility that is designed for the next generation.

Optimize Your Footprint

Red Bud is here to help you design the best Automated Storage and Retrieval System for your particular application. By optimizing your building footprint and utilizing automated organization, you can produce more, waste less, and stay ahead of deadlines. Our team is here to answer any questions you have, as well provide training and support. Whether you are in need of either an Automated Coil Storage System, or a Sheet Metal Storage System, we can design a Storage and Retrieval System to fit your unique needs. Contact us today to learn more!