And The Winner Is…..

The 2023 Metal Center News „Top Equipment Brands“ survey results are in, and we are honored to announce that for the seventh time in the last eight years, Red Bud Industries has been ranked #1 for Coil Processing Equipment. We would like to sincerely thank everyone who voted in this year’s survey. We are humbled to have such supportive customers.

While this survey is a great honor, the best measure of our success is the continued success of our customers. It is our goal to not only produce the highest quality products but also provide high quality service to match. We thank you for your patronage and look forward to sharing in these successes for years to come.

Introducing: Apprenticeships!

Red Bud Industries has partnered with Southwestern Illinois College to provide multiple apprenticeship programs accredited by the Illinois Department of Labor. Participants may receive fully paid tuition* while also earning increasing wages to match their experience level over the course of the program.

During these programs, students will earn college credits at Southwestern Illinois College in addition to receiving on-the-job training at Red Bud Industries. Once the apprenticeship is completed, each graduate will acquire their Journeyman title, as well as receiving guaranteed* employment with Red Bud Industries upon graduation. Click here for more information.

*Terms and Conditions Apply.

No Cookie Cutters Here! Champagne Metals‘ Custom Line Produces Custom Blanks. (Deutsche Übersetzungen folgen in Kürze.)

Champagne Metals is an aluminum service center and processor that has been in business for 25 years. They are headquartered in Glenpool, Oklahoma, and also have facilities in Lebanon, Missouri, and Middlebury, Indiana. They serve all of North America, mostly in theautomotive and industrial markets. Champagne Metals was looking to expand their capabilities, specifically in the multi-blanking industry.

Since they do not process standard material day in and day out, Red Bud Industries’ ability to customize a coil processing line to their exact specifications and needs was very important to them. They also needed a vendor that they could trust to stand behind
their machinery after the sale, and Red Bud delivered.

„Red Bud’s service has been fantastic. They have been very responsive anytime we call. Their hotline is there for any type of issue that we have, and they can log in and tell us what to do to it. . . We are absolutely satisfied with the way the line is running, and we would definitely look to do future business with Red Bud.“

-Burns Getchell, General Manager, Champagne Metals

Friends and Competitors All Had Positive Things to Say About Red Bud. (Deutsche Übersetzungen folgen in Kürze.)

MidWest Materials, Inc. is a third generation family-owned steel service center located in Perry, Ohio.

Over the past 70 years, MidWest Materials has grown and adapted to their customers’ demands of higher quality, close tolerance steel. Most recently, MidWest Materials began a search for a new stretch leveling system to increase their capacities and provide additional products. After talking to friends and competitors about their options, they decided to go with Red Bud Industries due to several major factors.

„We are extremely happy with the installation and the products coming off of the line. We expect that it will be a game-changer in providing heavy gauge, high-strength steel to the manufacturing world.“

-Brian D. Robbins, CEO

Scherproduktivität! – Der Kunde sagt, dass die neue Anlage zu schnell ist und er nicht mithalten kann.

Die Streckrichtmaschine von Red Bud war genau das, was Coil Steel Processing suchte. Red Bud’s hervorragender Ruf für seinen beim Kundenservice und sein dem Engagement für ihre Kunden hatben Coil Steel Processing die ihre Entscheidung erleichtert. Mit Während der Kauf der neuen Querteilanlage wollte ihr Geschäft erweitern sollte, wusste Coil Steel Processing sein Geschäft ausbauen, war sich dabei aber darüber im Klaren, , dass sie auch das Layout seines ihres Gebäudes entsprechend angepasst verbesserwerden mussten.

„Red Bud hat uns dabei geholfen, unsere Einrichtung optimal zu nutzen. Durch Umdrehen des Gebäudes und durch die Verändern ung der Arbeitsabläufe konnten wir die neue Anlage ideal aufstellen einsetzen und unsere Effizienz steigern. Die Es besteht kein Zweifel daran, dass die Installation der Anlage von Red Bud Line hat uns auf jeden Fall geholfen, uns geholfen hat, unsere Produktion, unseren Durchsatz und unsere Effizienz zu verbessernzu verbessern.“helped us improve our production, throughput, and efficiencies.”

– Kevin Friedman, Präsident

Cut-To-Length Line with Stretcher Leveler in Slovakia. (Deutsche Übersetzungen folgen in Kürze.)

Valcovna Profilov was established in 1998 with the goal of being the leading metal toll processor in Eastern Slovakia. As the company grew, they knew they needed to improve their product. Their research led them to a Cut-To-Length Line from Red Bud Industries. Valcovna Profilov knew their customers wanted flat, stress-free material, so adding Red Bud’s In-Line Stretcher Leveler with SureGrip® technology was a no-brainer.

“We found an equipment partner that offered high quality equipment with world class technology that could also meet the high productivity demands of our customers. When we decide to look for another Cut-To-Length Line, we know that Red Bud Industries will be the best supplier.”

BTH Produces Precision Cut-To-Length Parts in Poland. (Deutsche Übersetzungen folgen in Kürze.)

BTH Import Stal has been an important supplier for the Polish steel industry for nearly three decades. They are among the largest domestic importers of stainless steel and have worked with the furniture, food, chemical, and other stainless steel industries.

Red Bud Industries was their first experience with coil steel processing. Red Bud’s advanced Multi-Blanking technology was important to BTH Import Stal in order to make 8 mults of stainless in one shearing cycle.

„We are processing 45,000 tons of stainless steel annually. Fortunately, Red Bud’s 24/7 hotline allows us to solve any problem that occurs within a few minutes. We are very satisfied with our purchase from Red Bud Industries, and I’m sure that our next purchase will also be from them.“
– Tomasz Kotarba, Member of the Board

Red Bud Industries Manufactures New Automated Light Gauge Slitting Line for Gutter Coil Stock (Deutsche Übersetzungen folgen in Kürze.)
Red Bud Industries recently completed building a very unique Slitting Line designed for the metal building products industry. This system will automatically slit and breakdown a master coil into 350 lb coils (or any weight you require). Once this weight is reached on the Recoiler, the line will automatically stop. The coils are then automatically cropped off and separated for packaging by the exit Coil Car while the Recoiler is automatically rethreaded and the line restarts. This process is all completed in just over 2 minutes and it is fully-automatic and unassisted by the operator. This level of technology is not common and will greatly increase your production.

Artikel in Metal Center News präsentiert Lapham-Hickey Steel’s Längsteil- und Verpackungsanlage von Red Bud Industries

Lapham-Hickey, ein Stahlservice-Center mit Sitz in Bedford Park, Illinois, wurde kürzlich in einem Artikel in Metal Center News dargestellt mit der Präsentation ihrer neuen 6,3 mm x 1 524 mm Längsteil- und Verpackungsanlage von Red Bud Industries. In dem Artikel beschreibt Brian Hickey, Präsident von Lapham-Hickey Steel, den Prozess, der schließlich dazu führte, dass Red Bud Industries für dieses Projekt ausgewählt wurde. Mit Funktionen wie automatischer Coilbeladung, „freihändiger“ Bandzuführung auf Knopfdruck und Zeiterfassungssoftware bot Red Bud Industries genau das, was Lapham-Hickey in einer neuen Anlage suchte.
Klicken Sie hier für Artikel und Übersetzung.

New Machinery Means New Markets for Friedman Industries, Inc.

Friedman Industries is a flat-rolled and tubular service center, headquartered in Longview, Texas. Their recently opened branch in Sinton, Texas, will allow them to reach new markets in the Southwest and West Coast of the United States and into Mexico with laser flat products coming off of their new Red Bud Industries 1.00″ x 96″ wide Heavy Gauge Cut-To-Length Line with Stretcher Leveling.

„We wanted to align ourselves with a manufacturer that has the expertise and knowledge to build the line that we wanted. As Friedman Industries moves into other areas and explores other opportunities, Red Bud will be our first call when it comes to an equipment manufacturer.“

-Jonathan Holcomb, VP of Sales and Purchasing, Friedman Industries

Here We Grow Again!

We are nearing completion of the building addition. All flat concrete has been poured, which has allowed us to begin installing power buss systems and lighting inside the new addition. Our cranes and new racking are on order, and plans are being made for the relocation of various departments and materials to be moved to the new building early this year, which will free up the much needed space to build the large volume of machines sold.

Watch the „Hulk“ Make Quick Work of a .750” Coil! (Deutsche Übersetzungen folgen in Kürze.)

Check out what Varsteel is saying about their mean, green, cut-to-length machine they call the Hulk!
This “monster” of a machine is a .750” (19 mm) x 96” (2438 mm) wide Red Bud Cut-To-length Line with a T4 -50’ (15 m) Stretcher.

Red Bud Puts the Fun in Fundraising.

When you work at Red Bud, you become part of the Red Bud family. Mike has been part of the Red Bud family for a very long time, and when his 3-year-old daughter, Ava, was diagnosed with Leukemia in January, we wanted to support them as best we could. With the help of local organizations, fellow businesses, family, friends, and our very own Red Bud Industries family, we were able to raise $30,000 for Ava’s Fight and Friends of Kids with Cancer. The temperature was excessive to say the least, but the outpouring of love and support was even greater. When we talk about being part of the Red Bud family, times like this are what it’s all about. We would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who helped make our first charity golf tournament such a tremendous success! We are blessed to be a part of such a wonderful community.

Weniger bedeutet mehr… Produktivität!

Vor dem Kauf der Multi-Blanking-Anlage von Red Bud Industries nutzte Wieland Metal Services mehrere Coilverarbeitungsanlagen, um das gewünschte Endprodukt des Kunden zu erstellen.

„Mit der Anlage von Red Bud konnten wir zwei Querteilanlagen zusammenfassen. Dadurch wurde Platz in unserem Werk geschaffen und die Produktion und Effizienz gesteigert. Wenn Sie nach einer hochleistungsfähigen, sicheren Maschine suchen, wenn Sie nach Durchsatz und einem Qualitätsprodukt suchen, dann würde ich Red Bud wirklich empfehlen.“

– Bhoopendra „Navin“ Sukhraj

Coil Steel Processing Featured in Modern Metals Magazine.

This article highlights Coil Steel Processing’s experience with their new state-of-the-art Red Bud Industries Stretcher Leveling, Heavy Gauge Cut-To-Length Line.

Coil Steel Processing’s new 75” (1905 mm) by 80,000 lbs (36,000 kg) line is capable of processing material from .060” (1.5 mm) up to .625” (16 mm) in thickness. The line is installed at Coil Steel Processing’s facility in Toledo, Ohio. Although the toll processor was operating two existing machines, this is the first new line they purchased, and it is their first Stretcher Leveler.

In the article, Kevin Friedman, President of Coil Steel Processing, describes the process that ultimately led them to choosing Red Bud Industries for their new Cut-To-Length Line, “We worked hard to identify what we could do to align our services with the new requirements of our customers. It was not until we had an on-site brainstorming session with Red Bud Industries that the light bulb went on, (we saw) our facility from a different perspective, and we flipped the script.”

Neue Querteil-/Blanking-Anlage produziert oberflächenkritische Teile.

Magna Stainless, ein Geschäftsbereich von Canadian Specialty Metals, ist seit über 30 Jahren tätig. Das Unternehmen mit Sitz in Saint-Laurent, Quebec, liefert rohes Aluminium und Edelsrostfreien Stahl in Form von Coils, Blechen und Extrusionsprodukten nach Quebec und in den Osten Ontarios.

Als Magna Stainless sich für eine Querteilanlage entschied, erkundigten wandten sie sich bei an mehreren Kunden von Red Bud Industries nach deren , um nach ihren Erfahrungen zu fragen. Das Feedback war überwältigend gut, wobei immer wieder der der Schwerpunkt auf dem hervorragenden Service von Red Bud Industries besonders hervorgehoben wurdelag.

„Red Bud fiel Magna Stainless auf. Der Service, die Unterstützung und der Kundendienst von Red Bud habtten einen sehr guten Ruf… Red Bud ist führend in der Entwicklung und Herstellung von Coilverarbeitungsanlagen. Sie sind in der Lage, einem Kunden ein innovatives, robustes Design zu bieten, das immer funktioniert und Sie nie im Stich lässt.“

-Nolan Mills, Operations Manager

Not Too Small, Not Too Big, Petersen Aluminum’s New Red Bud Slitting Lines Are Just Right… for Their Business. (Deutsche Übersetzungen folgen in Kürze.)
“What set Red Bud apart from the competition was their willingness to design a solution that worked for us. They were able to think outside of the box and create something that benefits us long-term”
Mike Weis | Southeast Regional Manager | Petersen Aluminum Corporation

Camden Yards’ Red Bud Industries Stretcher Leveler Featured in Modern Metals Magazine
Camden Yards Steel, a flat-rolled steel service center in Camden, New Jersey, was recently featured in Modern Metals magazine with an article showcasing their new .500″ (12.7 mm) x 96″ (2438 mm) Red Bud Industries Stretcher Leveler Half-Line Retrofit. In this article, Camden Yards’ CEO, Mike Amato, Sr., explains what their deciding factor was in ultimately choosing Red Bud Industries. The equipment also included a new Shear with Quick-Change Shear Blades, a Dust Collection System, and a new 40′ (12,000 mm) Stacker featuring 60,000 lb (27,000 kg) Stack Tables with 60″ (1524 mm) of lift. Multi-blanking capabilities were also added to a Light Gauge Cut-To-Length Line at the same time.
Click here to view article. 

Greenpoint Metals Red Bud Industries Blanking Line Featured in Modern Metals Magazine

Greenpoint Metals Inc., a steel service center located in Franklin, Ohio, was recently featured in Modern Metals magazine with an article showcasing their new .135” (3.5 mm) x 72” (1829 mm) Red Bud Industries Multi-Cut Blanking Line with Stretcher Leveler. Built to process high strength steel, Greenpoint Metal’s new line can handle material with tensile strengths up to 175,000 psi (1200 MPa). In this article, read why Greenpoint Metals chose Red Bud Industries to manufacture their state-of-the-art Blanking Line.
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