Industry Leading Blanking Lines

Red Bud Industries is the established industry leader in Blanking Line manufacturing and offers unmatched customer support. Our Blanking Lines set the standards in today’s Coil Processing Equipment market, and provide you with the speed and precision only a Red Bud Cut-To-Length Line can.

Unmatched Support

In addition to providing the most innovative and dependable Steel Coil Processing Equipment, if you need a replacement part, we will also get your order to you faster. By working with Red Bud, you will receive training on how to use your new equipment, as well as 24hr access for help and guidance so that you can stay moving and producing without interruption all year round. No other company backs their products like Red Bud.

Innovative Technology

We offer a wide range of Blanking Lines that provide unmatched performance and capabilities. We also manufacture Multi-Blanking Lines with unique capabilities and cutting-edge technology. Red Bud’s state-of-the-art dual drive Servo Roll Feed Equipment will blow you away with the tolerances it produces. Our Grip Feed Systems continue to redefine the industry with its unmatched capabilities. We also offer Rotary Shear Lines with continuous shearing action for the high-speed production of smaller parts. See the list below to learn more about our Cut-to-Length Lines / Blanking Lines.

What We Offer:

Light Gauge Cut-To-Length CTL Lines / Blanking Lines

Whether you are running prepainted, galvanized, or hot rolled material, Red Bud Industries produces a complete line of Coil Processing Equipment equipped for your needs. Our Light Gauge Blanking Lines offer practical solutions to meet today’s most demanding requirements. You’ll find that our Cut-To-Length Lines / Blanking Lines are packed with useful timesaving features that really make a difference.

Multi-Blanking Lines

Red Bud Industries is the leader in high speed Multi-Cut Blanking Line technology. Whether you are producing pattern size sheets or multi-cut blanking close tolerance parts, a Red Bud Industries Multi-Cut Blanking Line will be up and running quickly.

Grip Feed

Over the years, Red Bud’s Blanking Technology has set the standard by which other systems are measured. Today, our systems continue to redefine the blanking industry. The key to our Cut-To-Length Line / Blanking Line is our Grip Feed Measuring System. Our unique system produces ±.005” (0.127 mm) length tolerances on a single stroke regardless of part length, speed, or material thickness.

Medium Gauge Cut-To-Length CTL / Blanking Lines

Red Bud Industries pioneered the first true .375″ (9.5 mm) Medium Gauge Blanking Line. While the ability to produce close tolerance parts was once limited to lighter gauge material, our Medium Gauge Lines have the ability to hold tight tolerances when producing parts from heavier gauge material.

Servo Roll Feed Systems

Red Bud Industries manufactures state-of-the-art dual drive Servo Roll Feeds. Our system is designed with independent AC motors mounted directly to the Feed rolls. In addition to producing tight tolerances, our Roll Feed Equipment has the power to run material up to .375” (9.5 mm) in thickness in a loop.

Rotary Shear

Red Bud Industries is now offering Rotary Shears for all Cut-To-Length Line / Blanking Line applications. With their continuous shearing action, Rotary Shears are ideal for applications where short parts are needed to be processed.

Ready For Your New Blanking Line?

Move forward with confidence knowing that you are in good hands with Red Bud’s top of the line Cut-to-Length Lines and customer service. We are here every step of the way to make sure you get the right Coil Processing Machinery for your specific needs. From order to delivery, set up to utilization, Red Bud will guide you through the entire process towards becoming more productive and more efficient with your new CTL Blanking Line. Call +1 618 282 3801 or connect today for a quote and to learn more.