Our Low Passline Slitting Lines Offer Many of the Same Features as Our High Speed Systems, but They Are More Compact, Floor Mounted, and Require Minimal Foundation Work.

Slitting Lines manufactured by Red Bud Industries, a leading manufacturer of Coil Processing Equipment, produce unmatched results and efficiency. Most slitting lines require extensive foundation work which results in substantial additional cost.  Red Bud Industries’ Low Passline Slitting Lines are designed to be floor mounted, have minimal foundation requirements, and the lines come pre-piped and pre-wired.  As a result, much of the ancillary cost associated with installing a new line is significantly reduced or eliminated altogether. Our lines also include a comprehensive safety system, full perimeter guarding, and a safety PLC. 

Low Passline Slitting Line Automation & Safety

Red Bud Industries’ Slitting Line design and automation allow the operator to automatically feed the strips from the Uncoiler to the Recoiler and into the Recoiler’s gripper without touching the material. In addition, side shifting Tooling Bars help to nest the strips with the push of a button. Our systems also require minimal personnel to operate and include state-of-the-art machine guarding. As a result, our Slitters provide a high degree of safety while being the most efficient machine on the market. Our industry leading  5 Year Warranty and 24/7 service availability are also standard.

Our Low Passline Slitting Lines:

  • Include our floor mounted design.
  • Require minimal floor space.
  • Are pre-piped and pre-wired.
  • Include a comprehensive safety system, full perimeter guarding, and a safety PLC.
  • Include “hands free” Uncoiler to Recoiler strip threading.
  • Include self-nesting/side shifting Tooling Bars.
  • Can be equipped with Choppers, Winders, or Ballers.
  • Include a Pit Crossover/Tail Out System.
  • Feature “hands free” Recoiler threading (into the gripper slot).
  • Include a Flex-Grip Recoiler Gripper (automatically adjusts to the crown in the material for a better grip).
  • Can be equipped with two types of Slitting Heads:
    • Traditional Packed Arbor (with an optional Tooling Turnstile).
    • CNC “semi-automatic”
  • Optional Tooling Turnstiles can be used in concert with Automatic Tooling Setup Robot.
  • Include a 5 Year Warranty with lifetime access to our 24/7 “Service Hotline”

Our Low Passline Slitting Lines are available with thickness capacities up to .135” (3.5 mm) and widths up to 72” (1829 mm).

If you have not considered a Red Bud Low Passline Slitting Line yet, it is time! As a leading Coil Processing Equipment Manufacturer, we are changing the slitting industry one line at a time. Give us a call at  +1 618 282 3801 for your next Slitter project. We guarantee you will be impressed.

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3d animation of low passline slitting line
low passline slitting line machine
low passline slitting line machine

If you are looking for ways to become more efficient in your everyday operations, then one of Red Bud’s Low Passline Slitting Line may be the right choice for you. We are always here to answer your questions, so give us a call today at +1 618 282 3801 to learn more about our slitting equipment and how it can benefit your business.