At Red Bud Industries, the safety of your personnel is priority #1. As a result, our lines are equipped with a comprehensive state-of-the-art safety guarding system that helps to protect your personnel without sacrificing operational efficiency. Our systems are designed so that personal safety and productivity work in concert with one another.

With many other manufacturers’ machines, safety is an afterthought that fails to take into account each customer’s specific environment which can ultimately lead to serious injuries. On the contrary, our safety guarding system is part of our initial design. At the beginning of each project, our in-house experts collaborate with your team to design a system specific to your equipment, your facility, and how your personnel will interact with it.

We use multiple devices such as safety PLCs, perimeter and machine guarding, guard locked interlocked doors, light curtains, laser scanners, safety contactors, and visual/audible signals. Depending on the type of line and its configuration, we can automate many manual functions in order to limit your personnel’s interaction with the material. All of these devices are integrated with both safety AND real-world applications in mind. In addition, work zones allow your personnel to perform certain functions while the line is running. As an example, depending on the line’s configuration, coils can be prepared in advance and have their bands removed so that they are ready to load as soon as the previous coil tails out. In other instances, our safety guarding systems will deny access to certain areas of the machine until the equipment is in a safe state.

Safety is much more than simply putting up warning labels and adding a few physical guards. It is a mindset that needs to start at the top of every organization and requires a collaborative effort between the equipment manufacturer and end user to come up with the best solution for each end user’s particular application. Give us a call to see how we can use our 60+ years of experience to help your company.