High Speed, Continuous Cut-To-Length/Blanking Line Solutions

Over the years, Red Bud Industries has built our reputation as a world leader in the manufacturing of Cut-To-Length/Blanking Lines. We are always looking for new products or services that can have an impact in the industry, since technology and customer demands are constantly changing. One of our most recent projects is the design and development of a Rotary Shear.

Rotary Shears are especially well suited for the high speed production of shorter parts. While conventional looping lines may produce up to 50 or 60 parts a minute, in comparison, a Rotary Shear can produce 100 or more parts in the same amount of time. With this type of system, the strip does not stop while being sheared and the cutting action is continuous. Rotary Shears are also much faster and more durable than Flying Shears, where the Shear must quickly accelerate, cut, and decelerate each time a part is cut.

Rotary Shear