PVS-Metals Video Testimonial

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Last year, Paxton & Vierling Steel (PVS-Metals) constructed a brand new 200,000 square foot processing center at its company headquarters just outside of Omaha, Nebraska. The new building was specifically designed to house one of the world’s largest Heavy Gage Cut-To-Length Lines built by Red Bud Industries. This new line is capable of processing material up to 1″ (25 mm) thick at widths up to 77″ (1956 mm). Included in the line is a massive 3000 ton Stretcher Leveler that allows PVS-Metals to provide dead flat material that is free of trapped internal stresses. With cycle times less than 8 seconds, PVS-Metal’s new Stretcher Leveler is the fastest in the world of its size.

When the time came to select a machinery builder, PVS-Metals ultimately chose Red Bud Industries. In this video, Tyler Owen, President of Owen Industries, PVS-Metals, and Keith Siebels, Senior Vice President of PVS-Metals, speak on their decision to work with Red Bud Industries and how the new line has changed their business. “Continued dedication to manufacturing the most innovative equipment in the industry, while providing the highest level of service and support, truly separates Red Bud from the field,” says Owen. With the new line, PVS-Metals is now able to supply new markets that require higher strength and thicker material. Siebels says, “The new line is much more than just a machine. It has transformed our business.”