How “level” is your material? How confident are you that your material will stay flat after your customer laser cuts, shears, or punches it? Just because material looks flat, it does not mean it will stay that way. Due to trapped internal stresses, once material is cut, it can spring back. A Stretch Leveler produces the flattest, most stable material possible, virtually independent of incoming strip shape and severity. In a head to head comparison, a Stretch Leveler will produce better results than a Temper Mill and will significantly outperform any other type of leveling process.

Because a Stretcher Leveler exceeds the yield in all of the material top to bottom and side to side, the process produces flat material that is significantly more stable than any other product. Stretch Levelers are also much easier to operate than other types of Levelers. The operator simply stretches the material until it is flat. The end result is flat material that stays flat. Your customers will see the difference.

“Stretcher Leveling up to 1″ (25.4 mm) x 96″ (2438 mm)” Video Stretcher Leveler Literature

The Red Bud Challenge – Send us a coil that you cannot get flat with your existing equipment, and we will level it for free. In addition to getting your material flat, we will guarantee it stays flat. Secondary or prime, we will turn virtually any material into “laser quality” material. Come and see it for yourself. You will not believe your eyes!

  • Stretcher Levelers produces flat material that stays flat
  • Equalized stresses eliminate spring back
  • Typically produces 0 to 1 I-units of flatness
  • Process is not sensitive to incoming shape
  • Reduces percentage of scrap loss
  • Process will not change mechanical properties
  • Simple to learn and operate
  • Low operating costs
  • Heavy duty construction
  • High reliability
  • Superior gripper life
  • Real time graphic feedback