Red Bud Industries: Pioneering Excellence in Coil Processing Equipment for 65 Years

Red Bud Industries stands at the forefront as the premier manufacturer of Coil Processing Equipment. Our extensive product line includes Blanking and Multi Blanking Lines; Light, Medium, and Heavy Gauge Cut-To-Length Lines; and Stretcher Levelers. We also offer Light, High Speed, and Heavy Gauge Slitting Lines.  Our equipment can be found operating and processing a diverse range of materials in markets across the globe. Renowned for our innovative approach, we have earned a reputation for pioneering, developing, and delivering state-of-the-art Coil Processing Equipment.

Industry Leading Blanking Lines

Our Blanking Lines set the benchmark in today’s Coil Processing Equipment market, ensuring the speed and precision that only a Red Bud Cut-To-Length Line can offer. Choose from our comprehensive lineup of Blanking Lines tailored to your specific needs, including Light Gauge Cut-To-Length, Multi-Blanking, and Medium Gauge Cut-To-Length/Blanking Lines. Whether you are running Pre-Painted, Galvanized, or Hot-Rolled materials, Red Bud Industries provides Coil Processing Equipment that include useful time-saving features that make a real difference in the machine operation and efficiency. Our Blanking and Multi-Blanking Lines feature state-of-the-art dual drive Servo Roll Feed or Grip Feed Measuring Systems which set the standard with length tolerances as close as ±.005” (0.127 mm).

multi-blanking line

Heavy Gauge Cut-To-Length Lines That are Built to Last

Red Bud Industries stands as the universally respected manufacturer of durable Heavy Gauge Cut-To-Length Lines, demonstrating our commitment to excellence in heavy-duty metal processing. While renowned for our Light Gauge High-Speed Blanking Lines in the past, we have emerged as leaders in Heavy Gauge CTL Equipment production, surpassing other manufacturers in the industry. Our Heavy Gauge CTL Systems are meticulously designed to enhance productivity and efficiency, boasting features that minimize labor requirements, reduce set up time, and optimize material handling to maximize throughput, setting a new standard in the industry.

Our Heavy Gauge CTL Machines exhibit unparalleled capacity that is capable of handling material thicknesses up to 1.00” (25 mm) widths up to 96″ (2438 mm) and coil weights up to 106,000 lb. (48,000 kg). Equipped with innovative features, such as Dual Uncoilers with regenerative drive braking, hands-free coil loading, advanced Shears with quick change blades, and efficient material handling conveyors, coupled with a 5 Year Warranty and access to our 24/7 Service Hotline, Red Bud Industries offers unmatched durability and support for your heavy gauge metal processing needs.

heavy gauge ctl machine for high steel service center

Metal Slitting Lines & Slit Coil Packaging Lines

Our Metal Slitting Lines & Slit Coil Packaging Lines offer rapid set up and changeover capabilities that outpace industry standards. Meanwhile, our Light Gauge, High Speed, and Heavy Gauge Metal Slitting Lines cater to specific needs, from painted/coated coil applications to heavy gauge and high strength materials. With specially designed Slitter Heads equipped with up to 750 horsepower, our Heavy Gauge Slitting Lines tackle even the toughest requirements with ease. Additionally, our Slit Coil Packaging Lines ensure seamless coil handling by optimizing production efficiency and minimizing downtime.

high speed slitter for horizon steel
light gauge slitter for aleris

The World Leader in Stretcher Leveler Technology

Since 1986, Red Bud Industries has been a renowned builder of Stretcher Levelers with a global presence of over 70 installations worldwide. As a pioneer in Stretcher Leveling machine technology, Red Bud Industries has established itself as the industry leader, offering unparalleled expertise and innovation. Amidst a decline in Temper Mill Cut-To-Length Line installations, the popularity of Stretch Levelers has surged, solidifying Red Bud Industries’ Stretch Leveler as the gold standard within the sector.

Our “T Series” Stretcher Levelers represent a paradigm shift in Stretcher Leveling technology. Featuring a revolutionary bolt-together, tie rod construction, these machines offer simplicity without compromise. With floor-mounted design and fixed bed lengths up to 50′ (15 m), our Stretch Levelers require minimal foundation work and have low maintenance costs. Our Stretch Levelers handle material thicknesses ranging from .039″ (1 mm) to 1.00″ (25 mm) on the same machine, incorporating Quick Draw technology for industry-leading cycle times and our patented SUREGRIP® System for unmatched clamping precision and longevity.

The SUREGRIP trademark is registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. 

stretcher leveler for kloeckner

A Legacy Spanning Over Six Decades

When you choose Red Bud Industries as your partner, you gain more than just access to state-of-the-art machinery. You also benefit from unparalleled support at every stage. Contact us today at 1(618) 282-3801 to discover our comprehensive range of Coil Processing Equipment and receive a personalized quote tailored to your specific needs.